Facts Not Feelings:
Master Your Market


You don't know sh*t about your market.

Sounds harsh, but c'mon. It's true. And no one is covering this topic!

Earlier this year, I met Chris White and he WAS talking about this. I asked him if he'd teach you all what he's figured out, and because he doesn't do anything halfway...8 months and lots of deep work later - THE CLASS IS HERE.

Join us for 5 weeks to dig in and learn about your market. This is a hands-on class, so come prepped to learn and implement between weeks. Learn more below, and get registered!

Can't wait to see you all there.

Melissa Shanahan

Founder of Velocity Work

Christopher White

Managing Partner | White Law Office, Co.

More about Chris

• 11 years of growing a firm from 2 to 22 and a single location in one county to six locations servicing 28 counties with 36 distinct practice areas
• Author, Speaker, Teacher, Mediator, Negotiator, and Strategist
• Creator of benchmarking formula for projecting the size of legal markets
• Leader of specialized operational team that is systemizing the delivery of legal services, measuring key performance indicators, branding an innovative and empowering approach to law practice, and maintaining cultural touchstones and values essential to a collaborative team across a broad geographic area
• Former super-producer that transitioned to a full-time strategic leader
• Developer of a multi-million dollar multi-disciplinary practice based initially in rural communities
• Entrepreneur that formed a rural co-working model (risespaces.com) and statewide DIY legal document platform (launchlawinc.com)

Professional CV
Christopher (Chris) M. White, Esq.

Managing Partner, Author, Speaker, Teacher, Mediator, Negotiator, and Strategist. 

Chris grew up in an Ohio agrarian community split between Appalachian and Anabaptist (Amish) culture. 

His undergraduate degree is in Theology, and his first career was teaching theology to private high schoolers. 

He is a graduate of the University of Akron, School of Law, where he focused on mediation and negotiation. 

For the past 11 years, he has been a practitioner and leader of a rural law firm based in his home community that started with two people with goals of just serving their local community and has most recently opened its 6th office, hired its 10th attorney, and launch a statewide DIY legal document platform. 

Chris has sought to define his firm by providing client-centered legal services offered by a collaborative team of valued-based practitioners. 

He firmly believes that ethically autonomous value-driven practice of law is an art form but that the delivery of legal services is a science. 

That belief has formed the impetus for the operations team that guides the business, the science, of the provision of legal services and supports the practices of the firm’s multiple practitioners. 

The recently (May 2021) rebranded firm, Eques, Inc., distinguishes itself not by being the most inexpensive alternative in its market but by being the most client-centric.This is evidenced by the firm enjoying a near 80% net promotor score, dozens of 5-star client reviews, and regularly 1/3 of the matters created every month being returning clients.

When Chris and his team have run up against a lack of institutional and industry knowledge about the practice of law, they have carved their own path.

Chris and his team have created and leveraged systems, formulas, and methodologies that allow their practitioners to perform at levels beyond longer established and more experienced contemporaries.

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