Monday Map / Friday Wrap

The Monday Map / Friday Wrap process is a game-changing productivity practice that has helped countless law firm owners manage their time more effectively and achieve their goals faster. You’ll gain clarity on your priorities, eliminate distractions, and stay accountable. 

Training Resources

The resources included for this process are the Monday Map / Friday Wrap Foundational Concepts workbook, the Monday Map / Friday Wrap Playbook (process outline), and a checklist for seasoned implementers.

Your Learning Style

If you prefer to consume information via video rather than reading, we have you covered. In addition to the Monday Map / Friday Wrap Foundational Concepts workbook and Monday Map / Friday Wrap Playbook, we have also created a video that accompanies each resource. This way, you can choose the format that works best for you. 

Whether you prefer to read through the workbook and playbook, or watch the videos (or both!), you’ll have access to the same powerful content and be able to unlock the information to skyrocket productivity and achieve your goals faster. So choose the format that works best for you and get started today.

  • Welcome to Monday Map (3:57)
  • Foundational Concepts (33:03)
  • Planning : Initial Prep (7:54)
  • Planning : Step 1 (3:43)
  • Planning : Step 2 (3:03)
  • Planning : Step 3 (4:48)
  • Planning : Step 4 (4:42)
  • Planning : Step 5 (1:25)
  • Planning : Step 6 (3:05)
  • Planning : Step 7 (4:59)
  • Planning : Step 8 (5:03)
  • Honoring Your Plan (10:07)
  • Friday Wrap (6:11)
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