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Mastery Group

Law firm owners creating the conditions to WIN.

What is Mastery Group?

A private paid membership community for law firm owners who crave accountability and are willing to do the work. With abundant coaching and unwavering support, we guide you through meticulous planning, strategic thinking, and vision crafting. 

Current Members Love Mastery Group

Join us to trade in the grind for a life you’re proud of, backed by a network of expertise and encouragement every step of the way.

Membership Benefits

📆 Annual + Quarterly Planning Retreats

At the turn of every quarter, Melissa hosts virtual, 1-day business planning retreats where you’ll complete a comprehensive evaluation of your previous 90 days and design an intentional plan for the next 90 days.

You’ll walk away with goals, rocks, and remarkable clarity – including our custom digital workbooks (that members love to print out and keep top of mind in their firm). 

☎️ Quarterly Office Hours

Meticulously timed to follow each of our strategic planning retreats, this one-on-one assistance helps you finalize your firm’s 90-day plan. 

Utilize this opportunity to begin each quarter prepared and poised for success.

☕️ Weekly Specialist Coaching Calls

These hour-long, interactive, group coaching calls focus on various areas related to barriers that you run into as you’re working the plans you made. 

Topic areas include (but are not limited to): Weekly + Monthly Calendar Planning, Systems, People Management, Numbers + Reporting, Accountability (on your progress), Mindset, etc. 

✅ Monday Map Power Hour

This facilitated weekly virtual session guides you through the Monday Map process that Velocity Work is known for. During Power Hour, you’ll work independently to execute on your Monday Map for the week ahead. We ensure you stay on track.

You will never regret showing up for the Monday Map Power Hour.

🎉 Two In-Person Events

Included in your membership is an invitation to attend two member-only, in-person workshops each year in Golden, Colorado (with four dates to choose from to account for busy schedules).

These events are an opportunity to meet fellow Velocity Work members – law firm owners you share a lot in common with – and to get targeted, personalized advice from our team.

🤝 1:1 Workshop(s) with Melissa

(Value of $4000, discounted to $2500 per workshop.)

Your membership includes the opportunity to schedule a private 1:1 workshop with Melissa. This is not available to the public – and it’s available to you at a discounted rate.

This is a 6-hour virtual workshop entirely focused on you – your numbers, your firm, – whatever you’d like to focus on.

📂 On-Demand Classes + Workshops

Inside the private member area, you will have access to all previous workshops and coaching calls – and their accompanying resources.

Velocity Work’s vault of content – now five years old and growing – is accessible to you for the entirety of your membership.

🛠️ The Toolkit

Also in our private member area, this collection of resources is homebase for all the templates and processes that Velocity Work recommends that members integrate into their firms and workflow.

Velocity Work’s Basic Tracking Template, Firm Financial Organizer, and Goal Calculator for practices with payment plans are a few member favorites.

❤️ Engaged Community

The magic of this intimate community is unmatched, and that has everything to do with the incredible law firm owners who are members of this program. 

We’ve grown slowly with intention to cultivate a culture of accountability, self development, and putting in the work that moves the needle for our member’s firms.

🎁 Bonus Workshops

We’ve been known to host bonus workshops for our members as requests and great ideas arise inside the community. 

When you attend these, expect to walk away with actionable intelligence to immediately implement in your firm. Topics vary, covering critical areas of positioning your business and your mind for growth.

Melissa Shanahan

Head Coach + Facilitator

As your Head Coach and most dedicated supporter, Melissa’s approach is driven by her unshakable passion for witnessing law firm owners achieve their desired outcomes. Knowing that each member has unique aims, she is committed to helping law firm owners create the conditions to WIN. Boasting over 15 years of coaching experience, including nearly a decade dedicated to private practice owners, her wealth of expertise is firmly in your corner.

Giselle Urbina

Certified Facilitator

With over a decade of experience as the COO of a prominent law firm, Giselle Urbina is a seasoned systems expert known for her exceptional ability to establish dependable organizational processes and garner enthusiastic team participation. This, fueled by her no-nonsense yet extraordinarily kind approach, makes her an invaluable asset when it comes to building your firm.

Mika Beccone

Member Services

Our Member Services lead, Mika Beccone, thrives on ensuring our clients and members experience exceptional care within Velocity Work. Her unwavering commitment to the law firm owners we serve is rooted in her extensive background in hospitality.

Drew Hickey

Monday Map Facilitator

Drew Hickey, a valued member of the Mastery Group, specializes in adoption, guardianship, estate law, and personal injury law in Central Illinois. Monday Map / Friday Wrap has had a profound impact on her productivity and work/life balance, making her eager to contribute her experience and help fellow law firm owners.

The Year At-A-Glance

A New Private Member Area

Mastery Group has you covered.


Habit Building

Habits and routines are crucial if you want to operate at your highest level.


Mental Acuity

Get control of your schedule and manage your mind like a pro to eliminate overwhelm and unproductive stress.


Goal Focus

We facilitate strategic planning to align you with your goals and hold you accountable to follow through on your plans.


Time as an Asset

Time is your most precious asset. Together we can transform how you think about the hours of your day, to proactively invest them towards the highest return.


Eliminate Chaos

Chaos is a state you create. As you build the right habits and master skill sets chaos and overwhelm fade away for good.


The Firm You Want

You’ll learn to execute in a way that naturally leads to bigger results for your firm and to more freedom for yourself.

Join Mastery Group and you’ll get…


$499 month
  • Annual + Quarterly Firm Planning Retreats
  • Two In-Person Events
  • 1:1 Workshops w/ Melissa (optional)
  • ​Office Hours w/ Melissa
  • ​Weekly Specialist Coaching Calls
  • Weekly Monday Map Power Hour
  • On-Demand Classes + Workshops
  • Private Member Site
  • The Resource Toolkit
  • Engaged Community
  • New Member Orientation Call


✨1 Month Free✨
$5,489 year
  • Annual + Quarterly Firm Planning Retreats
  • Two In – Person Events
  • 1:1 Workshops w/ Melissa (optional)
  • Office Hours w/ Melissa
  • Weekly Specialist Coaching Calls
  • Weekly Monday Map Power Hour
  • On – Demand Classes + Workshops
  • Private Member Site
  • The Resource Toolkit
  • Engaged Community
  • New Member Orientation Call


3 Month Minimum Required
$799 month
  • Annual + Quarterly Firm Planning Retreats
  • Two In – Person Events
  • 1:1 Workshops w/ Melissa (optional)
  • Office Hours w/ Melissa
  • Weekly Specialist Coaching Calls
  • Weekly Monday Map Power Hour
  • On – Demand Classes + Workshops
  • Private Member Site
  • The Resource Toolkit
  • Engaged Community
  • New Member Orientation Call
  • 20% savings per member

What People Are Saying

About Your Coach

Melissa Shanahan founded Velocity Work after several years at a consulting firm focused on the growth of private practices all across the U.S. After coaching over 350 doctors, dentists, and lawyers – she chose to narrow her services to law firms only and started Velocity Work.

The host of The Law Firm Owner podcast and an extremely effective coach for attorneys running their own firms, Melissa brings her A-game to everything she does. Her energy is infectious and the material she’s teaching will forever change how you think.

From mindset, to vision, to productivity, to tracking firm data, Velocity Work has helped hundreds of attorneys grow their firm on their terms.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Yes! All coaching calls, workshops, and strategic planning sessions are recorded and will be posted in the Member Area within 24 hours.

The weekly Specialist Coaching calls are on Tuesdays at 3:30pm ET / 2:30pm CT / 1:30pm MT / 12:30pm PT.

The Monday Map Power Hour calls are on Fridays at 1pm ET / 12pm CT / 11am MT / 10am PT. 

Strategic Planning retreats are held at the turn of every quarter. This means there is one every March, June, September, and December. We plan these retreats far in advance so that you can block off your calendars ahead of time.

The next Strategic Planning retreat is on March 15th, 2023. Though we love for you to attend live, IT IS NOT A PROBLEM IF YOU CANNOT ATTEND LIVE. Here’s why:

  1. You can watch the replay of the retreat, which is posted for members within 24 hours.
  2. You will have plenty of support to prepare for this planning retreat.
  3. You can attend Office Hours in the days following the retreat to get the support you need to finalize your plans. 

A: The minimum commitment for Mastery Group if you join on a monthly basis is three (3) months.

A: No. You’re welcome to cancel at any point in time, and return in the future, but we cannot pause your membership. If rates go up while you’re gone, you’ll be welcomed back at the new monthly rate.

A: We are currently 30+ members strong!

On average, new members can expect to dedicate approximately 3 hours per week to watching coaching calls, gathering data, and preparing for Strategic Planning sessions.

Build your dream firm.


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