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Mastery Group

Build the firm that gives you the life you want.

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What is Mastery Group?

Exclusively for law firm owners, Mastery Group facilitates quarterly
firm planning retreats with accountability and coaching in between. 

Hear from a few that have
first-hand experience with us.

Included in Mastery Group

Quarterly Law Firm Planning Retreats

At the turn of every quarter, Melissa hosts virtual, 1-day planning retreats where you’ll complete a useful evaluation of your previous 90 days and set an intentional plan for the next 90 days. You’ll walk away with goals, rocks, and remarkable clarity.

Weekly Coaching Calls

These hour-long calls are designed around specific topics to tackle barriers that you run into as you work to master the skills you’re learning. Topics include (but are not limited to): Rocks (quarterly priorities), Weekly Calendar Planning, Delegation, Mindset, etc.

On-Demand Classes + Workshops

Inside the member’s area, you will have access to all previous workshops and coaching sessions. This vault of content will continue to grow and you will have access to it for the entirety of your membership.

Engaged Community

The magic of this intimate community is unmatched, and that has everything to do with our incredible members. We’re growing steadily and the culture is one of accountability, self development, and taking action that moves the needle for your firm.

Strategically-Timed Office Hours

Get one-on-one coaching and assistance with the development of your firm’s plan by attending the office hours we host in the two weeks after each quarterly planning retreat. This ensures your plan is dialed in and ready for you to take meaningful action at the top of the upcoming quarter.

Bonus Workshops

We’ve been known to host bonus workshops. When you attend these, expect to walk away with actionable intelligence to immediately implement in your firm. Topics vary, covering critical areas of positioning your business and your mind for growth.

A New Private Member Area

Mastery Group has you covered.


Habit Building

Habits and routines are crucial if you want to operate at your highest level.


Mental Acuity

Get control of your schedule and manage your mind like a pro to eliminate overwhelm and unproductive stress.


Goal Focus

We facilitate strategic planning to align you with your goals and hold you accountable to follow through on your plans.


Use time like the precious asset it is

Time is your most precious asset. Together we can transform how you think about the hours of your day, to proactively invest them towards the highest return.


Eliminate chaos and overwhelm

Chaos is a state you create. As you build the right habits and master skill sets chaos and overwhelm fade away for good.


Run the firm you imagined

You’ll learn to execute in a way that naturally leads to bigger results for your firm and to more freedom for yourself.

Join Mastery Group and you’ll get…


$499 month
  • New Member Call
  • The Focus Forward™ Framework
  • Quarterly Firm Planning Retreats
  • ​Office Hours w/ Melissa
  • ​Weekly Coaching Sessions
  • Weekly Monday Map Power Hour
  • On-Demand Classes + Workshops
  • Member Area
  • Engaged Community
  • Exclusive invites for in-person work


2 Months Free
$4999 year
  • New Member Call
  • The Focus Forward™ Framework
  • Quarterly Firm Planning Retreats
  • ​Office Hours w/ Melissa
  • ​Weekly Coaching Sessions
  • Weekly Monday Map Power Hour
  • On-Demand Classes + Workshops
  • Member Area
  • Engaged Community
  • ​Exclusive invites for in-person work

What People Are Saying

About Your Coach

Melissa Shanahan founded Velocity Work after several years at a consulting firm focused on the growth of private practices all across the U.S. After coaching over 350 doctors, dentists, and lawyers – she chose to narrow her services to law firms only and started Velocity Work.

The host of The Law Firm Owner podcast and an extremely effective coach for attorneys running their own firms, Melissa brings her A-game to everything she does. Her energy is infectious and the material she’s teaching will forever change how you think.

From mindset, to vision, to productivity, to tracking firm data, Velocity Work has helped hundreds of attorneys grow their firm on their terms.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Yes! All coaching calls, workshops, and strategic planning sessions are recorded and will be posted in the Member Area within 24 hours.

Coaching calls are most Tuesdays at 3:30 pm EST / 2:30 pm CST / 1:30 pm MST / 12:30 pm PST. See the calendar for more details.

Strategic Planning retreats are held at the turn of every quarter. This means there is one every March, June, September, and December. We plan these retreats far in advance so that you can block off your calendars ahead of time.

A: Every workshop we hold is designed to provide maximum value for our members. This means that we don’t have workshops every month, or at any set cadence. But you will have plenty of advanced warning for every workshop we provide.

A: The minimum commitment for Mastery Group if you join on a monthly basis is three (3) months.

A: No. You’re welcome to cancel at any point in time, and return in the future, but we cannot pause your membership. If rates go up while you’re gone, you’ll be welcomed back at the new monthly rate.

A: We are currently 47 members strong!

Ready to build the firm that gives you the life you want?


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