Monday Map

Monday Map and Friday Wrap is a process that every Mastery Group member is expected to practice. It is a weekly exercise for calendaring your time and honoring your calendar. The video below will walk you through what you need to know to be successful with this practice. The video and resources below will walk you through the exercise.
  • Introduction (7:25)
  • Brain Download (10:34)
  • Calendaring (17:17)
  • Honoring the Plan (7:18)
  • Friday Wrap (4:13)
  • Bonus Tips (6:01)

Below, find a couple of resources to help you with Monday Map.The Monday Map Guide is a detailed PDF that walks you through all the steps of your Monday Map and Friday Wrap.  The Monday Map Postcard is a quick reminder sheet that you can keep at your desk or taped to your monitor, as a helpful reminder when doing your
Monday Map and throughout the week.

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