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"This process helped me gain control over my schedule by putting time into planning up-front. Scheduling your activities and requiring yourself to do things sequentially is a superpower. I’ve seen so many projects go from idea to completion because of this program."

-Ty Shepard
Shepard & Morris P.C.


Velocity Work's process has changed the way I look at everything. I've honed in on results (not just tasks), so I know exactly what to do, how to best approach the project, and how to stay accountable to myself. With Melissa's personal and group guidance, I've made major improvements in how I look at and value my time so I can be accountable to honoring my firm's core values”

- Claudia Revermann
Revermann Law

Walter Reeves (1)

"I've gotten a ton of value out of this process. More so than anything else I've done in awhile. I truly would not have accomplished as much during this time without Velocity Work."

- Walter Reaves
Law Office of Walter M. Reaves, Jr.

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