Frequently Asked Questions

A: Yes! All coaching calls, workshops, and strategic planning sessions are recorded and will be posted in the Member Area within 24 hours.

Coaching calls are most Tuesdays at 3:30 pm EST / 2:30 pm CST / 1:30 pm MST / 12:30 pm PST. See the calendar for more details.

Strategic Planning retreats are held at the turn of every quarter. This means there is one every March, June, September, and December. We plan these retreats far in advance so that you can block off your calendars ahead of time.

A: Every workshop we hold is designed to provide maximum value for our members. This means that we don’t have workshops every month, or at any set cadence. But you will have plenty of advanced warning for every workshop we provide.

A: Email  to let us know you would like access and we will send you an email invitation. The email will come from

A: If you hover over “My Account” in the top right, you may select “User profile” to edit what others see in the Member Directory.

A: You may update your billing info by going to “My Account” in the top right corner, and selecting “Your orders and subscriptions” from the dropdown menu.

A: No. You’re welcome to cancel at any point in time, and return in the future, but we cannot pause your membership. If rates go up while you’re gone, you’ll be welcomed back at the new monthly rate.

A: If you need to cancel your membership, please email


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