People + Performance Module

Unlock the full potential of your team with our cutting-edge People + Performance Module. Designed to empower both individuals and teams, this module offers a dynamic approach to enhancing productivity, collaboration, and overall performance.

Velocity Work

Documents are the heartbeat of a law firm, powering the work that’s performed for clients and securing a firm against evidence requirements and audits. Having reliable, streamlined processes internally for documentation is a win / win / win – employees, clients and the firm all get immense benefits if nobody has to waste time or effort on producing or working with key work product. To some, organization around documentation is an afterthought… to us it’s an art to be mastered.

🔵 Benefits
  • Save (tons of) time: Easily locate documentation when it’s needed, every single time.
  • Compliance preparedness: Be audit-ready at all times with reliably accessible documentation, avoiding last-minute scrambling.
  • Increase productivity: A team with clear expectations and process around documentation is a happy team that avoids misunderstandings.
🔵 Deliverables
  • Templated documentation processes: Customize templates to fit your office’s specific needs to ensure consistency across your team.
  • Clear expectations: Outline your documentation expectations to foster a positive work environment and avoid confusion.
  • Establish confidence: Engender confidence across your team in the face of audits, evidence requests or other documentation-related demands.

*Time Required:

1 full day from 9am to 4pm

One-hour coaching calls: three coaching sessions to address specific challenges and opportunities.

🔵 Included Templates
  • Injury & Illness Report 
  • Training Checklist 
  • Template of Warnings 
  • Retraining Checklist 
  • PTO Checklist 
  • Project Communication Sheet 
  • Problem Solving Meetings Template 
  • Performance Improvement Plan 
  • Pay Increase 
  • Meeting Notes 
  • 1-3-1 Resolution Template 
  • 30_60_90 Day Plan 
  • 30-day Checkup 
  • 60-day Checkup 
  • 90-day Checkup


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