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Our work together will set you up to…

Increase profitability
A primary focus of all of our engagements, we focus on your unique business metrics and identify profit levers.

Reduce Inefficiencies
We identify areas that can be optimized and offer strategies for improving workflows.

Improve team dynamics
We identify ways to improve communication and efficiency within your team.

Leverage strengths
We put your unique advantages in focus and outline strategies for aligning your firm around them.

Drive forward strategically
We empower you and your team with a plan that’s ambitious, grounded in data, and makes sense to everyone.

Phase 1 includes:

Comprehensive Business Assessment
A detailed data gathering exercise to power development and analysis of your firm’s important key metrics.

Leadership Clarity Assessment
We identify and refine what you want for yourself and for the firm.

Creation of customized Law Firm Data Table
Our team produces a custom tracking portal for your business that will house self-reported data and serve as a source of truth for the business. Once built, your team will input historical data so that we can get a clear picture of the current state of the firm. This asset will be passed to you and you can continue to use it moving forward to track key metrics.

Gap Analysis
A specific assessment of what the firm needs to move from where it is today to its desired future state.

Strategic Planning Retreat
A two-day facilitation hosted by Velocity Work that establishes a strong internal framework for short & long-term growth. We dig deep, celebrate prior wins, articulate a roadmap for success, and establish ownership for each critical element of your business.

We have room for two.

Will you be one of them?

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