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Be a part of a small, powerful accountability group with fellow attorneys who crush ON-the-business work in a 30-day sprint. This kind of progress is nearly impossible without the built-in “public” accountability and expert coaching.

You’ll never be the same.


“For months and months, I kept pushing off my goal of implementing systems and software to organize my firm’s back office. After just one month…mission accomplished! The journey was fun and invigorating thanks to the accountability and Melissa’s persistent yet nurturing coaching and encouragement. Now, I am on to an even loftier goal and in light of last month’s result, I have no doubt I can tackle this bigger challenge.”

Theresa Clansy

Theresa Clansy Law

What’s Included?


You immediately have access to step-by-step videos that will set you up for success before you begin your 30-day Sprint.

Daily Accountability Calls

We all show up, every weekday, on a video call to report on our progress.
After we help you identify the one result you’re going to create during the Sprint, you’ll be paired with other owner-attorneys who want to absolutely crush their priority list in a way that’s nearly impossible without “public” accountability. (Daily tracker completed for you by our team!)

Compilation of Lessons Learned

Everyday during the Sprint you will report on something you’ve learned about how you operate. These lessons stack on each other so that you leave the month with a better understanding of how you work best. Our team bundles and delivers your Lessons Learned to you at the end of the month.

Private Member Area

You get access to our private members forum. There you can take the conversation deeper with other members, ask our team questions, access replays, recordings, and find all logistical information you’ll need for the month.

BONUS: Access to Live Group Coaching Calls

These hour-long calls are designed to tackle any barriers you run into as you work to master the skills you’re learning. Melissa’s accountability and coaching will help you make meaningful breakthroughs and power you forward.

BONUS: Access to Live Workshop

We host a live workshop as a deep-dive into one specific topic. You’ll walk away with actionable intelligence to immediately implement in your firm. Topics vary, covering critical areas of positioning your business and your mind for growth.


I don't know what my one thing would be for the Sprint. What kind of projects do others work on?

Great question! Once enrolled, you’ll have access to resources designed to help you choose your “one thing.” You also may find it helpful to see the projects other owner-attorneys have completed in Sprints…

Click open the accordion below to see results that previous Sprinters have created for themselves:
Medicaid planning system documented
Probate system documented
System for requesting client reviews created
System for acquiring medical records created
Client intake process automated
Billing and time capture automated
Working set of policies and procedures implemented
Back office organization updated
Checklist + template clauses for will drafting created
Documents for 3 practice areas automated
New practice area entity formed + bank account funded
Basic web presence built out for new practice area
Tax Practice Streamlined
New CRM Implemented
Firm back office completely organized
All administrative tasks for one practice area automated
All client service processes delegated or automated
Network management process implemented
Workflow review for EP completed
Physical + digital workspace organized
Every actionable step on website is fully functional
Client communication system Implemented
Website created
Document templates for 19 most popular case types created
Switched from free consult model to paid consult model
Real Estate practice is paperless
Funnel for cold leads documented + streamlined
Schedule + process for podcast production created
Weekly newsletter created
30 Podcasts and 5 Virtual Summits booked
Instagram Content Calendar created
22 people contacted using new referral system
Drip campaign + monthly email blast created
10 videos posted on YouTube channel
Marketing strategy created
Process for visibility-based networking implemented
2021 EP marketing plan created
Process for new referral relationships created
20 videos for social media created
6 marketing processes documented + delivered to team for execution
Published online course (EP Special Needs)
Online EP Course Up and Running
15 blog posts written for website
Educational tool for EP created (jeopardy game)
KPI Tracking System created (in Airtable)
Compensation program for associates created
Employee Handbook created
Financial House in order
Budgeting process documented
2021 Firm Budget Created

Is there a call every day?

Yes! The Daily Accountability Calls happen every weekday, Monday through Friday, for that calendar month.

Daily calls seem a bit excessive, no?

The calls are 30-minutes max, straight to the point, and are fuel for the major headway that participants make. In fact, after the month ends, they usually say that they miss the daily calls! 

We’re the only company that offers anything like this and participants love it so much they return for multiple sprints.

What if I miss a day?

Participants may have to miss a day or two because of last minute responsibilities, court, etc. On the days you’re unable to attend the call, you simply email us your report ahead of time for that day and we’ll enter it into the tracker. 

How many people are there in the groups?

There will be a max of 6 participants on your daily call, though there may be fewer depending on demand of your chosen time slot.

What should I expect from the calls?

Why do group coaching instead of private coaching?

Outside of a Sprint the investment for this level of support is $5,500! Also, the groups are a great way to add community. The participants in a Sprint are usually very tight-knit by the end of the month.


“This program helped me gain control over my schedule by putting time into planning up-front. Scheduling your activities and requiring yourself to do things sequentially is a superpower. When you spend more time on the process, researching, and outlining, the actual tasks go by very quickly. I’ve seen so many projects go from idea to completion because of this program.”

Ty Shepard

Sparkman, Shepard & Morris P.C.

About Your Coach

Melissa Shanahan founded Velocity Work after several years at a consulting firm focused on the growth of private practices all across the U.S. After coaching over 350 doctors, dentists, and lawyers – she chose to narrow her services to attorneys only and started Velocity Work.

 “Attorneys who go out on their own are my favorite people. 
They’ve worked their tails off to become a lawyer, AND they have the guts to start their own firm even though they don’t receive training on how to build a business! 
That takes guts. So yeah, they’re my favorite people. And Velocity Work is committed to serving these extraordinary humans to build a firm they’re proud of and a life that they love.”
The host of the Velocity Work podcast and an extremely effective coach for attorneys running their own firms, Melissa brings her A-game to everything she does. Her energy is infectious and the material she’s teaching will forever change how you think. 
From mindset, to vision, to productivity, to tracking firm data, Velocity Work has helped hundreds of attorneys grow their firm on their terms.

What Participants Have To Say


“One of the things that we’ve learned is, in a sense, how to be the CEO, how to be the person who can look and see that what you’ve created is working. And then you can have the vision to see where you want to go and make a plan for how you get there.”

Marcus Vaden

Marcus Vaden Law


“Part of accountability is getting pushed and having people clarify stuff with you. I know that the lessons that I learned ended up being a lot stronger, because Melissa and others in the group helped me clarify and revise that lesson.”

Joey Vitale



“During the Sprint month, I’ve honed in on a result and not just the tasks so I know what to work on, how to best approach the project as a whole, and how to stay accountable to myself and my work style. With Melissa’s personal and group guidance, I’ve made major improvements in how I look at and value my time so I can be accountable to honoring my firm’s core values.”

Claudia Revermann

Sparkman, Shepard & Morris P.C.


“The accountability part is pretty big. But that’s only part of it. The other is the coaching part. What’s the problem? Why didn’t you do it? How can you deal with that? You need both of them.”

Walter Reaves

Law Office of Walter M. Reaves, Jr.

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