Monday Map Accelerator:
A 5-Day Virtual Deep-Dive Event

Welcome to Day 2 of the Monday Map Accelerator! Today is all about diving into the core of the Monday Map / Friday Wrap process. You’ll explore planning steps 3-8, learn how to honor your calendar, and discover the key steps to a successful Friday Wrap. We’ll also cover common pitfalls to avoid and share best practices for making this process work for you.

Monday Map - Friday Wrap Planning

  • Planning: Step 3
  • Planning: Step 4
  • Planning: Step 5
  • Planning: Step 6
  • Planning Step: 7
  • Planning: Step 8
  • Honoring Your Calendar
  • Friday Wrap

Are you ready to take your productivity to the next level? If so, get ready to supercharge your week with our Monday Map Guide. To get started, make sure to download the guide by clicking the button below.

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