Programs and Offerings

Private Client Work: Phase 1 + Ongoing

Phase 1 Private Clients work very closely with our team. Owners receive a full business assessment, leadership clarity assessment, a customized data table, gap analysis and an in-person strategic planning retreat. Check out our website to learn more. >>LINK<<

After completing Phase 1, clients are invited to continue working with us on an ongoing basis. This work includes both Owner and Operations Coaching Calls, Voxer access to our team, and – of course – quarterly strategic planning retreats.


Syndicate is our newest program. It is a bridge between Private Client and Mastery Group. >>LINK<<

Mastery Group

This is Velocity Work’s entry level group coaching program for law firm owners. As with all our programs, Mastery Group centers around [virtual] quarterly strategic planning with accountability and coaching in between.Check out our website to learn more. >>LINK<<

Modules + Tracks

We also offer additional trainings that clients can purchase individually or in a bundle.

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